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SizeGenetics Review

aIf you want permanent penis enlargement, then your only choices are surgery or a penis extender. Our top pick of a penis extender is SizeGenetics because it has proven to work, is easy to use, comfortable, safe, and a good value for your money.


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How SizeGenetics Works
SizeGenetics uses a system of penis enlargement called traction. You put your penis into the SizeGenetics device and it will pull your penis forward. The stretching is gentle and should never be painful. Contrary to popular belief, penis extenders do not cause growth by stretching your penis out. This would result in a long but skinny penis – hardly ideal for enlargement! Instead, penis extenders like SizeGenetics will promote new cell growth by making micro tears in penile tissue. The tears are filled in with new cells and your penis gradually gets larger and also thicker. This is very similar to how your muscles get larger when lifting weights.

With SizeGenetics penis extender, you can expect increases of about 28% of your original length and about 18% of your original girth. This is one of the best results from any penis extender out there and beats all penis pills for enlargement.

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The Downside to Penis Extension
Even though penis extension has proven to get results, it does require that you wear a stretching device on a regular basis. According to the SizeGenetics system, you should wear their device for about 4 hours daily for a period of 6 months to get maximum results. The reason that SizeGenetics was chosen as our top penis extender (and third best penis enlargement product overall) is because it has put comfort first.

The SizeGenetics Comfort System
If you want gains from a penis extender, you need to wear it regularly for a long period of time. SizeGenetics offers a unique comfort system which uses a strap that goes around the shaft of your penis. Wearing the SizeGenetics extender may be a bit uncomfortable at first. However, most men say that they get used to it quickly and can wear it without even realizing that it is on. You can wear the SizeGenetics extender underneath loose-fitting clothes or even while sleeping.

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Value of SizeGenetics
SizeGenetics penis extender is not cheap at X for the basic device or X for the device with the comfort system (a must have!). If you want to have the extras like the spare parts, DVDs, online support, and aftercare creams, then you will have to pay a bit more. While you can find cheaper penis extenders being sold online, this is one case where you want to pay for the best quality. With cheap penis extenders, you risk damaging your penis or putting up with painful stretching and still not getting any gains. Since the SizeGenetics Ultimate System comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee, you can feel confident that you will get gains.

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