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MaleExtra Review


MaleExtra is our #1 male enhancement product out of the hundreds of products which we reviewed. The reason that MaleExtra gets the #1 spot is because it has an impressive dosage of 1500 mg per serving. Each dosage gives you a complex formula of ingredients which have been clinically proven to work. You not only get larger erections, but a host of other sexual and overall health benefits. Thousands of men have already used MaleExtra successfully and they have a very high reorder rate because men (and their partners!) love this product. Compared to other penis pills, MaleExtra is a great value.

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Benefits from MaleExtra  The main benefit of MaleExtra is that it will give you bigger, harder, and longer-lasting erections. Note, as will all penis pills, you will not get a permanently larger penis from MaleExtra – it only improves erection size! If you want a bigger flaccid penis, then you should look at our review of SizeGenetics penis extender.

The ingredients in MaleExtra will also improve libido, stamina, ejaculation volume, and fertility. Plus, these same ingredients have a slew of other benefits for your overall health, like improving muscle mass, energy levels, and relieving anxiety. These aren’t just claims either. All of the ingredients in MaleExtra have been backed by clinical trials. Some of the ingredients, like L-arginine and pomegranate extract, are being hailed as the “natural Viagra alternatives”.

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The Pros of MaleExtra
The main reason why you should choose MaleExtra is because it has the most impressive dosage of 12 clinically-proven ingredients. You won’t find a penis pill which compares to MaleExtra in terms of dosage strength or quality ingredients. While MaleExtra isn’t cheap, it is still an incredible value. If you were to buy all of these ingredients separately, you would end up spending 10x the amount or more. There are also some nice bonuses which come with MaleExtra like love advice videos and access to the PenisHealth website. With some orders, you get free shipping on MaleExtra.


The Downsides to MaleExtra

 Because there are so many ingredients packed into one daily dosage of MaleExtra, you will have to take 3 pills. This can be very annoying but it is the only way to get 1500mg without taking a
 gigantic pill. The only other downside to MaleExtra is that there is a clause to the money-back guarantee. You must also use the PenisHealth exercise system along with the pills for 3 months in order to be eligible for the guarantee.

The Verdict

When it comes to penis pills for erection enlargement, it doesn’t get better than MaleExtra. The ingredient formula of MaleExtra is incredible and all ingredients have been clinically proven to work. You will not only get better, larger erections, but a wild sex drive, better orgasms, improved stamina, and handle stress better. While MaleExtra isn’t the cheapest option, you are getting what you pay for and a great value for the benefits you receive.

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