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Guide to Finding the Best Penis Enlargement Products

In today’s world, sex is more important than ever. People are having sex at younger ages and with more partners. So, if you have a small penis, your size is more likely to affect your relationship, confidence, and sexual enjoyment. Luckily, there are a lot of products available which can help you get a bigger penis. This guide is designed to help you decide which penis enlargement products actually work and which ones are just hype.

The Top 4 Penis Enlargement Products of 2012

Rank #1 #2 #3 #4
Product Name SizeGenetics VigRXPlus JesExtender MaleExtra
The Results 28% Increase In Size Increases Size, Gives Longer Lasting Erections Length Increase 28.1% Bigger, Throbbing Erections
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Penis Enlargement or Erection Enlargement?

If you are in the market for a bigger penis, then you first have to decide whether you want permanent enlargement or just larger erections. Most men would prefer permanent penis enlargement. However, it takes a lot more effort to get permanent penis enlargement compared to just increasing erection size. Your only options are surgery and penis stretching devices (also called penis extenders).  Penis pills will only improve your size during erection. They usually have other benefits too like increasing libido, fighting impotence, and improving your all-around health.

The Top 4 Penis Enlargement Products

We have looked through the hundreds of penis enlargement products available and narrowed them down to the top 4 choices. Each of these penis enlargement products has shown to get results and are completely safe to use.

#1. SizeGenetics Penis Extender
Size Genetics is the leading penis extender on the market because of its all-around quality which is guaranteed to get you results.  The first thing you will notice about this medical grade penis extender is that it has been designed with your comfort in mind.  Thanks to the comfort strap mechanism, you can wear SizeGenetics and not even feel it.  You can even wear it while you are sleeping!  SizeGenetics has earned its place as the #1 penis enlargement product because it is has proven results, increases penis size by an average of 28%, and comes with a money-back guarantee so you know you will get results.

#2. VigRx Plus Male Enhancement Pills
VigRx Plus is one of the only male enhancement supplements which is backed by clinical research.  In controlled clinical studies with VigRx Plus, subjects achieved better, harder erections and increased sexual satisfaction.  With ingredients like damianaepimedium sagittatum, Asian red ginseng, and hawthorwn berry, it is no surprise that VigRx Plus works so well.  VigRx Plus is best suited for men who are looking for an all-around boost to their sexual health and performance. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee with VigRx Plus so you can try this enhancement product risk free.

#3 Jes Extender System
Jes-Extender is one of the most popular penis enlargement devices on the market today, so effective it has helped men from all around the world enlarge the penis by as much as 28% and they even have medical documents to prove it! It is very safe to use and is made of top quality materials with a special comfort strap to make wearing it very comfortable and enjoyable at the same time.  It works to enlarge the penis using a traction approach and is one of the best non-surgical ways to add a few extra inches to your manhood. It takes advantage of the bodies natural cell reproduction ability to make the penis bigger by encouraging cells to replicate as it is stretched to a longer, bigger size.   With Jes Extender you can expect results in a manner of weeks!

#4. MaleExtra Penis Enhancement Pills
With 1500 mg per serving of potent natural enhancement ingredients, MaleExtra is the leading men’s supplement.  Ingredients like L-arginine, pomegranate ellagic acid, and horny goat weed will improve blood flow to your penis so you get larger, harder erections.  Other benefits of MaleExtra include a major libido boost, healthier penile cells, better stamina, and overall better health.  For the quality offered, MaleExtra is a great deal and you even get bonuses too.  MaleExtra is backed with a 100% money-back guarantee so you can feel confident that this male supplement will give you results.

The Pros and Cons of Penis Extenders

For men who want permanent penis enlargement, penis extension is usually the best option. It is certainly better than penis enlargement surgery which costs about $10,000, is very painful, and only gets gains of about ½ to 1 inch. With penis extenders, you can get gains of about 15-30% of your original length and girth. So, if you have a 5 inch penis, you could expect to grow about an inch. The downside of penis extenders is that it takes a while before you see any results. Most penis extenders need to be worn regularly for about 6 months at least though you will probably see some benefits within 4-6 weeks. Penis extenders can also help straighten curved penises and have been prescribed by doctors for this purpose. Over the long run, penis extenders are much cheaper than penis pills because you only have to buy them once. Penis pills need to be taken regularly in order to keep on getting results.

As with all penis enlargement products, the effectiveness of a penis extender depends on the quality of the device. You will want to make sure that you are getting a high-quality penis extender which has carefully calculated and adjustable force (called traction). You will also want to make sure it is comfortable enough to wear for several hours a day. Avoid any penis extender which has a noose system and opt for the penis extenders with straps instead.

The Pros and Cons of Penis Pills

Penis pills do not make your penis permanently larger. Instead, they make you get larger erections by increasing the amount of blood which reaches your penis during erection. There are numerous ways that a penis pill can improve blood flow. In most cases, the enhancement pills will contain a natural product like L-arginine or pomegranate. These cause your penis cells to expand so they can hold more blood.

Penis pills are a great solution for getting larger erections because you don’t have to have surgery or wear any annoying device. Just take a pill daily and within a few days you can already see results. Since erection quality is linked to your overall health, penis enhancement pills will usually also give you other benefits too, like a wild sex drive and more energy in general. You should be wary of penis pills though because there are a lot of cheap products out there which won’t do you any good. The quality penis pills usually come with a guarantee but expect to pay a high price for them. In the long run, these costs can really add up because you will need to keep taking the enhancement pills to get results.

The Top 4 Penis Enlargement Products Compared Side By Side

Top Products SizeGenetics VigRX Plus Jes-Extender MaleExtra
How long do results last? 4 weeks 4-8 weeks 4 weeks 2 weeks
What to expect Increase length by 28% and girth by 19% Harder erections Increase up to
Larger erections
Extra benefits Straightens penis curvatures Better stamina, libido, and orgasm Treats
peyronie’s disease
Harder erections, improved sex drive, fertility,stamina
Product Quality High quality parts Very good ingredients Superior
Impressive 1500mg dosage
Dosage Wear about 4 hours/day 1 capsule 2x daily Wear up to 12
3 pills daily
Items per package 1 device 60 pills 1 device 90 pills
Shipping Costs $0-$19.99 Depends on
Bonuses Travel case, DVDs, spare parts, memberships, creams, love advice Men exercise CD, volume enhancer, gift certificate, membership Free protection
pad, Instruction DVD, Online Training Program
Supplements,  exercise DVD, membership
Pricing $195-380
(one time)
$69/month $249-$1399 (one time) $66/month
Product’s Website